Islam Allam is a self-taught digital artist from Cairo, Egypt, born in 1992. His early fascination with graphic design led him to explore the visual arts through the use of digital software,Portraiture is a key aspect of Allam’s work. He sees human facial features as distinct raw materials that he can shape and manipulate to express the emotions he wants to communicate, as well as the topics and thoughts he wants to discuss.

Allam's portraits boldly extract faces from their context, placing them in expressionist spaces. Using harmonious color palettes, he crafts contemporary visual representations where digital texture shines, showcasing his vision for distinctive and original pieces in this form of visual art.

Allam's art seamlessly fuses improvisation and musical influence. Deliberate music selection, coupled with nuanced analysis of beat, rhythm, and structure, results in dynamic visual narratives.


4th Small-File Media Festival 

(Vancouver, Canada)

Chilean Conexion 5th edition (Berlin, Germany)

The 5th PASA Festival

(Hanoi, Vietnam)

MUAFNFT | Dutch Auction 

(NFT exhibition)


  • Winning The Grand Prize of Huawei Next Design


  • Suboart Magazine

  • Digital Arts Blog

  • AlTiba9 Magazine



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