Islam Allam is a self-taught digital artist from Cairo, Egypt, born in 1992. He was drawn to graphic design at an early age, and he experimented with and explored the visual arts using graphic software. Portraiture is a key aspect of Allam’s work. He sees human facial features as distinct raw materials that he can shape and manipulate to express the emotions he wants to communicate, as well as the topics and thoughts he wants to discuss.

Allam's portraits take out faces from their original context and place them in expressionist spaces, using bold and harmonious color palettes to create contemporary visual representations of facial features through which the digital texture shines, reflecting his vision to create distinctive and original portraits in this type of visual art.

Improvisation and music have both influenced Allam's work. He was able to translate the essence of music's influence during the improvisation process into a characterized digital portrait by selecting a piece of music, and listening intently to the beat, rhythm, and structure of the music.

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